Nurturing Souls is founded with love by Rashmi Gupta and Nikhil Gupta, along with Sharmila Jain who is MSc in Psychology. Rashmi and Nikhil are parents of a boy who is currently enjoying his teenage. During his elementary school years they realized that loving him profoundly was simply not enough. They wanted to raise wise, joyful, integrated young man and so they began to study conscious, mindful parenting. They have very closely studied the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and also use some of these learnings in their coaching sessions. They have coached numerous parents in last decade and helped them with issues related to parenting. While both of them are MBAs and have worked with corporates for last 20 years, Conscious Parenting has become their passion.

Nurturing Souls originated from the intent of sharing the learnings and making parenting the most wonderful journey in everyone’s life. In addition to dealing with various matters of parenting like behavior & relationships, expectations mismatch and apprehensions around future, they have also worked with many teens directly on career counselling and academics. Both Rashmi and Nikhil are accredited on various psychometric tools like MBTI and 16 PF. Additionally Rashmi who is an HR professional by vocation, is also certified in Thomas (DISC) profiling. Based on their experience of coaching many parents, they have designed a very effective tool to assess the gaps on Conscious Parenting. The tool is named as Parent Enneagram ™, which is part of Nurturing Souls coaching sessions and workshops.




So Thank you for joining this journey to be more awakened in our most important role as caregivers to our children. As a coach, our goal is to help you empower your children to seek their greatest potential. It’s a sense of immense satisfaction and gratitude that we feel by being associated with parents in their journey. We are humbled and honored to have you with us as we recognize that the path to raising healthier, more self-assured children begins by looking within ourselves.