Am I doing the best for my child?

Rashmi Gupta and Nikhil Gupta @ NurturingSouls 

This is a perennial problem, most of the parents have today. Every parent’s objective is to raise their child into a decent, self-confident human being and they want their child to have the best of everything. Recently we coached a parent who said; I am ready to do everything possible that my children deserve but I don’t know what is best for them. Also how to prioritize the best, given children have limited time. It could be in the area of education, personality development, sports, extra-curricular activities, various areas of expertise(technical / non-technical), arts etc.

The answer to this problem lies at the root of this expectation. When we say the best, we say in comparison to what is available and not in relevance to what is right for the child. Hence before asking this question “Am I doing the best for my child”, the question to be asked is “What is best for my child”. This is not possible without being aware of every aspect of your child whether it is her strengths, weaknesses, challenges, interests etc. It is also about understanding your relationship with the child and how you are seeing some of these traits of your child without being prejudiced by your own biases and conditionings. For example, making the best technology available to your child could only be the manifestation of your own aspiration towards being in possession of the technology and your child may not need it at all.

Conscious Parenting is a journey that takes care of some of these questions at the root of it.