How can we help you

Coaching is available either in-person or online as follows:

Individual Sessions with Parents

Coaching on general or specific issues of parenting (which encompasses 4-6 sessions of 60-90 minutes each). This is for parents with children of all age groups

Group sessions and workshops

  • a. Corporate workshops for employees
  • b. Workshops in schools/colleges for parents and/or teachers
  • c. Residents’ workshop conducted by Apartment association

Speaking engagements

  • a. Public seminars
  • b. Web meetings and webinars
  • c. Business Networking groups
  • d. Business forums

As part of these sessions, we also do 30 minutes of psychosomatic test, ideally we would prefer to do for both parents and child (if child is 12+). These assessments have been developed based on our proprietary methodology which is based on hundreds of coaching sessions in the past. We call it Parent Enneagram ™.


A: Anyone who is responsible for the well-being of children in their care including parents, single parent, working parents, legal guardians, caregivers and teachers, just to name a few. Also this is applicable to parents with children of all age groups.

A: This is a discipline which has no beginning and no end. While it can take a few sessions to become familiar with this new way of thinking, being and responding, for some it may take longer to understand and implement. Ultimately, this practice is a life-long endeavor which involves becoming ever more aware and present in each moment as we grow with our children.

A: Our objective is not to give a readymade solution, as there is none, but to help you find the right solution. Once you become aware about some of the questions that we have raised in “Why Conscious Parenting” section, you automatically start the journey of conscious parenting. Rest becomes an enjoyable & enriching experience and you keep learning through the same. We help you face these questions, which leads you find the solution to the current problem you are facing. Our situational problems are only the manifestation of ignorance towards these questions.

A: Conscious parenting is a journey for parents and how do they deal with the issues that they are facing with the child or child herself is facing. In most of the cases, parents themselves are able to deal with the issue once they have embarked upon the journey of conscious parenting. In some cases where a teen is involved, we invite her or him as well for one or two of the sessions to make the coaching sessions more integrated.

A: There are no guarantees about outcome; in fact the work centers on the process of becoming more enlightened without regard to outcome. Ultimately, the practice involves acceptance of our children in their “as is” state without judgement or criticism.

A: NO. This work is centered around helping to instill and promote widely held values such as respect for self and others, empathy and gratitude.

A: That is a personal preference. Individual sessions allow you and the coach to focus on the particular issues and needs of your family; group work allows parents to learn about what others are going through and affords a confidential support network.

A: You don’t need to be a psychologist to be a conscious parent. It is not a theory to be learnt. In fact all of us can be one. It is the matter of being aware of your actions, emotions and behaviors and noticing your own conditioning and biases while dealing with your child. In our case, we have learnt this through our own life experiences and while dealing with numerous parents that we have coached. Additionally we have done multiple trainings and workshops on conscious parenting that are based on J Krishnamurti’s teachings.

To understand how we have taken the journey of Conscious Parenting, please refer to our detailed profile in “About” section.